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With a shaky sigh, you plopped down on your couch and titled your head back, so you were starring up to the ceiling.

Today was one of those bad-bobbies day.
Like a bad hair day, only with boobies, and when I say boobies I mean a lots o’ booby stuff.

First your bra wouldn’t fit you right in the morning as you were making yourself ready for work, in the first blouse looked your boobs flatter than ever, in the second one like killertits ones, then the blouse you had had finally chosen was suddenly too tight around your upperpart and then someone split some coffee on it, nearly burning the skin of your breast and much more.
You felt like the ugliest human being right now and just wanted to roll into a hole and never come back to see the daylight.
Now you were at home again and couldn’t be happier to be finally left alone.

“Hello, [Name]-chan! Why didn’t you say you were back again~?”, Naruto, your best friend, whined as he entered the living room and plopped down beside you, making the couch move slightly.
“Hmm? What what’s wrong, [Name]-chan?”, he asked you with closed eyes, crossed arms and scooted closer to your face with his.
After a few seconds of thinking and nodding his head he had his an answer, his fist hit the palm of his hand.
“Sasuke, you girlfriend is being you again!”
“What, idiot?!”, you heard your boyfriend yelling a question from another room.
“I said: Your girlfriend is being you again!! TEME!”, Naruto shouted back again, this time a lot louder and caused it to attract other in this large apartment.
COULD YOU JUST SHUT UP?!”, you could hear Sakura yell from the kitchen, you guessed that she was preparing some food for you all, and everything was fell silent.
She was kind of the mum in this apartment, the one who hated fights, even thought she was sometimes part of it, and tried to stop them if she could.
And the main reason was that her cooking skills were pretty damn smashing.

After a short while Sasuke entered the living room and spotted your worn out figure on the couch.
Shooting Naruto a death glare with the meaning What did you do this time? and Piss off, bastard, the blonde held his hands up in defence and sweat dropped afterwards.
The raven haired male shooed his best friend away, not without the I’m watching you gesture, which made Naruto stuck out his tongue and give the middle finger in return, and sat down beside you.
“Hey, [Name]”, he greeted you casually and you gave a grunt as a reply.
“W-What’s wrong?”, he asked awkwardly and placed an arms around your shoulder, while looking into another direction,

Pfft, Sasuke and his problems to show that he cared for someone.

“Nothing”, you muttered and pressed your face into his with a black long-sleeved shirt covered chest.
“Am I smelling coffee?”, Sasuke asked slightly confused out of blue and you grunted again.
“Gee, thanks, smelling like coffee is my hobby”, you mumbled against his chest, which caused him to chuckle lightly at the sarcastic vein of yours and made you smile in progress.
How he did understand you after all was a big mystery. You were practically eating his shirt!
But you couldn’t care less.
You loved his laugh and smiles more than anything and when you were the reason why he would give you those, you were more than happy.

“Care to tell me what’s going on in the small micro brain of yours?”, he said and poked the top of your head one time.
You just shook your head against his chest and denied his request, while his face slowly showed annoyance.
Pushing you back as softly as he could, he starred at your body up and down until he finally got the hints.
You had one of your bad-boobies-days, or how the fuck called it.
He refused to speak those words in one sentences, heck, he even never said boobies because he thought it sounded stupid!
Before you started to tell him about your boobs again, which kind of turned him on every time, he decided that he needed to do something.
And he exactly knew how to cheer you up.

“I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.”

A smile started to tug on your lips as you heard him say a pick up line.
You loved it to laugh at those because they were just so cheesy, silly and stupid, but they had still something cute, no?

“Somebody call the cops, because it’s got to be illegal to look so good.”

You tried to hide your big grin behind your hands and your shoulders started you shook as you tried to suppress your laugher.
Sasuke couldn’t help but give a small smile at your nearly laughing form.

“Are you a hurricane, [Name]? Cause you’re blowing me away!”

You couldn’t hold it anymore and gave a loud giggle.
You just couldn’t take him seriously! Meanwhile he had already again his scowl face on and told you pick up lines with such a face!
That was just too funny!

“Girl, you’re like a car accident ‘cause I can’t look away.”

The last one gave you the rest.
You were laughing now so much that tears were streaming down your eyes and you were holding your stomach, while you covered your mouth with your hand.
Sasuke was sitting there with a proud smirk as he saw you so joyous again.
But he had waited for the last and best pick up line till the end and waited for you to calm yourself down.
After about five minutes your laugher slowly died and you were still giggling, sometimes a bit more, sometimes less louder.
Suddenly he pulled you back to him by grabbing you waist with his pale hands and caused you to give a surprised squeal as he caressed you cheek softly and slowly leant over to your ear.
What he did say next made you blush in a terrible shade of red with a huge smile gracing your lips:

Excuse me, do bras come in size perfect? Because I’d buy that for you~

Extended ending

Sasuke gave you a cute and handsome smile, which you returned instantly while you were still blushing.
Leaning slowly in, he gave you soft and meaningful kiss on the lips while you cupped the hand he was having on your cheek with yours.
You smiled into the kiss and leant into his slightly roughen up lips as you titled your head slightly to deepen the kiss.
Suddenly you both heard a snapping sound.

“My OTP, I can’t hold my feels!”, you heard Itachi behind you two chuckling and holding the camera.
Sasuke blushed in 50 shades of red as he heard his big brother’s voice while you just started to laugh along with Itachi.
“W-What are you d-doing here, Onii-san? [1]”, Sasuke asked his brother flustered and looked at him still with rosy cheeks.
“I just wanted to visit my little brother, that’s all”, he laughed a hearty laugh with closed eyes but added: “But I think it’s time to go now. Bye!”
And with that he wanted to disappear as quickly as he could.
“First you just brag in, then take a picture of us and go again?!”, Sasuke yelled with flushed cheeks an stood up.
“Pretty much”, Itachi replied and finally ran off, with Sasuke on his trail, who yelled: “TEME!” while you were laughing you ass off once again.
Once you realised that he had taken a picture of you in that state of your looking and started to chase him down too.

Little did you know, that Sakura was taking pictures of you two the whole time. [2]

Extended ending²

Later that evening, you two were lying together in the bed you two shared, exhausted after the whole running and cuddling close to each other with you on top of him.
Your head rested on his chest and his one arm was around your waist while the other one was resting behind his head.
Suddenly a thought made its way into your mind.

“Say, Sasuke?”


“From where do you get always the whole bunch of pick up lines?”, you finally asked and lifted up your head to look at him.

“I have my ways”, the onyx eyed male replied casually and gave your forehead a peek.


“That’s my girl.”

And you earned yourself another kiss on the lips for being smart for once.
[1] Haters gonna hate, ducks gonna duck. Sasuke says Onii-san to Itachi in this one because it’s just utterly adorable, hnng :iconteyuplz:

[2] Sakura is your fangirl. Shortly after Sasuke and you got together, she accepted his feelings towards you and started to ship you two madly, just like Itachi.


I noticed that I’m way too much into Naruto again but meh.
And Kingdom Hearts.
And Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 5D’s.

Hetalia can wait for a little bit more, I guess c;

I love the cover image, do you know this?
A friend of mine sent it to me after I sent him silly Sasuke pictures too and when I saw this, I was between laughing and ‘awww~’ing xDDD
It’s kind of totally cute :>>


And I was thinking. ((lolwut))
If Sasuke lives in a parallel universe with a normal life and family, shouldn’t he be not such a grumpy pants.
Since Itachi never killed his whole clan, there’s no need to the all cold and emotional build –up, no revenge needed. //trololol
So, I wrote him a little bit less, umm, grumpier and little more, umm, opener.
Sasuke was such a cutepie back then, hnnng. :iconsasukesmile-plz: //shot
My poor feels are always getting attacked when I think of the Uchiha brothers ;;7;;


PICTURE WAS FOUND by some bastard called Alex, uhuhuhu HERE ((NOT MINE!!)) =>…

Cheesy Pick Up Lines =>…

Plot/ Story belong to moi, ~KatelinLikesFeenie

You and your boobies belong to :iconausasukeplz:

:iconausasukeplz: belongs to :iconmasashikishimotoplz:

Naruto Shippuden belongs to :iconmasashikishimotoplz:
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Itachi:Yes,here have a cookie
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“My OTP, I can’t hold my feels!”, you heard Itachi behind you two chuckling and holding the camera

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Iluvkarkitty Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
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ya and some guys made a video were they used the worlds worst pickup lines on actual girls.
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Feeniecchi Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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MusicNymph9 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sakura, Itachi... Care to help me make MY OTP a reality?

Sakura: Wha? Who?

Itachi: You're a shipper?

-nods and points to Naruto and Hinata-

Sakura & Itachi: YES!!!

AllThree: -shoot off at the speed of ninja... Wait-
OkamiHiiro Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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My reaction

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