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September 1
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We all know that Seragaki Aoba was a heavy sleeper, there was nothing to be mistaken about it.
It was hard to wake him up and once he was torn out of the sweet state of numbness by force he would be a slight grumpy pants.
The only thing that was able to wake him up easily was the unexpected missing warmth beside him.
He would murmur, closing his eyes tighter and scrunch his nose slightly while patting around on the bed, trying to find the source of his human heater.
It wasn't often that he would wake up this way; you usually stayed with him in bed, let it be all morning or the whole day. But sometimes you would sneak out of his grasp not before kissing his forehead tenderly and tugging him properly in, Aoba should to be able to find you either in the kitchen helping his grandmother with breakfast, watching TV with her or going to the store to buy some groceries – but mainly mangas and video games secretly for you – for her.

As selfish as it may sounded, he'd rather have him in bed by his side then hanging out with his own granny.
Not that he minded much, no, he was actually pretty happy that you two were getting somewhat along but he simply loved it to start the day with you in his or him in your arms.

Often you would point out how adorable the Seragaki looked in his sleep, in which he would get flustered and tell you that you were the one who look the cutest while sleeping.
It was true; you loved it to cuddle close to someone or something in your sleep, so in result you would have your boyfriend's body tightly, but in comfortable way, pressed against your own while sometimes drooling either on his chest or pillow with your snores low and quiet when your day had been relaxing and sounding almost more like a cat's one than from a human.

Aoba didn't mind it much.
Of course from time to time he would tease you about it, which would always cause you to pinch and knead his cheeks because you knew that that would get him riled up, but that was it.
I mean, you can't control yourself in your sleep, right?

But today seemed to be one of those mornings.
The blue haired male scrunched his face as he suddenly felt and realised the unexpected coldness and gave a not pleased murmur as his pale hand started to pat around the space where you should originally be lying.
The mattress there felt not even lukewarm; Aoba suppressed the small whine that threatened to escape his throat and let out a heavy sigh instead.

Not again. That was the third time this week!

The first time, well, had been on Tuesday and you had made him breakfast in bed, despite the fact that you had work as well, the second time on Friday and you had a little bit helped out Tae with the chores, it's not like he wasn't thankful but still!
Third time!
On Sunday!

Groggily, he propped himself on to the elbows and let out a long yawn before sitting up straight and turning around so his knee pits were hitting the edge of the mattress.
Aoba tried his best to rub the remaining sleep out of his eyes as he stood up and stretched his back along with his arms fully out.
After hearing a satisfying pop, the bishounen let his arms fall down again and looked around for his AllMate Ren, who was resting peacefully on the end of the bed.
Deciding that he could let him sleep a little bit longer, Aoba made his way out of the room to take the stairs downward.
Another yawn made its way through his lips as he took one dragging footfall after another and scratched his lean stomach under his loose, white T-shirt, his other hand resting and sliding over the wooden banister rail.

As he had finally reached the end of the stairs, his bare feet touched the ground floor's chilly surface and made him shudder slightly at the sudden change of temperature.
Aoba heard faint gasping followed by a deep chuckling from the living room, which obviously belonged to you.

Were you and granny watching again one of those comedy shows again?

Still slightly drunk with sleep, he dragged himself to the room's door frame and leant against it.
He saw you sitting there with his grandma on the couch and saw how your widened eyes were gleaming with happiness and excitement as you leant closer to what the old lady was showing you until you were so close that she shoved you away by placing her hand onto your face.

“Tae-ba-chan, is it really okay for me to keep it?”, you asked her, totally ignoring that you just got pushed away by the female and took the photo – Aoba assumed it was one – into both hands.
Your eyes literally sparkles as you looked at it and gave a loud and dragged out gasp in admiration.
“Of course. I have plenty more of them anyway”, Tae said with crossed arms and a curt nod as she watched how you got all fanboy over a single picture.

Well, it was not just any kind of photo.
It was one of those photos.

“What are you looking at?”, Aoba spoke finally from behind still with a tired and sleepy voice and walked over to the couch.
He gave a small Ohayou to his grandma with a smile, who nodded with crossed arms, and placed his hands on the soft backrest of the furniture before sliding down and loosely wrapping them around your neck.
Leaning over, his chin was planted on top of your, still messy from sleeping, hair and gazed down with blinking eyes before his face bloomed in a nice shade of red.

“Look, Aoba! Even as a baby you had a nice bum!”, you said with you lips curled up into a grin as you held it on his eyes level.
On the photo was he displayed at a very young age how he just got out of the bathtub still with bubbles all over him.
He probably had managed to climb out of there alone since he was still soaked wet and watery footprints were able to be seen on the hallway's dark floor.

Before Aoba could protest about this embarrassing picture or snatch it out of your hands, you titled your head back so that your noses were touching and beamed up to him with sparkling eyes.
“I bet our son is going to be so cute, too!”
The bluenette stared at you in disbelief with wide, golden eyes and agape mouth, unable to form any words.
Firstly: You looked absolutely adorable in that exited state, which was a quite rare sight.
Secondly: You were talking complete nonsense.

“T–That won't even work, we're both men!”, he spluttered and withdrew his head from yours while his face was red and graced with irritation.
“We'll find a way”, Tae interjected nonchalantly as she turned on the TV to on of her shows.
B–Ba-chan!”, Aoba cried out, not believing his own ears what his own grandmother just said and heard you chuckle quietly to yourself.
Urusai! I can't understand a thing!”, the pinkette barked and you snorted beside her, leant up and placed a short kiss on his slim lips before returning to the kitchen to warm up the breakfast for the bluenette, leaving him alone in a state of discomposure, embarrassment and a spark of happiness.

The thought that you were thinking so positive and ahead about your relationship and also the picture of you and him having a child actually wasn't so bad after all.

Not that he would tell of course.
// Seragaki Aoba x Male!Reader //

Me, trying to cheer myself up with fluff.
I'm so pathetic, omg-

- so not sorry for calling him a bishounen CUZ WE ALL KNOW IT'S ONLY THE TRUTH.
And I have freed Aoba from his not with his regular outfit matching, yellow socks.
Gurl, everything blue and white with those socks?
Ain't no fashion sense here.

Heck, why can't I date Aoba in the game?
Like, him dating himself. 
Can't you just go and kiss your reflection in the mirror?
Fucking selfcest, I don't care.
I mean, c'mon-
I'd do anything-

I love Granny Tae, I swear I really do.

Have some Aoba bc Aoba is the bae Emoji07 
And there are more Male!Reader needed in the DMMd fandom, why is everything female I don't understand :iconomgcryplz:

Anyway, thanks for reading!
I hope you liked it~kaomoji set 1 9/19 

And to the game again

Picture ((Couldn't find artist on pixiv)) => zerochan

Plot/ Story © KatelinLikesFeenie

You © Yourself; Seragaki Aoba

Seragaki Aoba © Nitro+CHiRAL

DRAMAtical Muder © Nitro+CHiRAL
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Feeniecchi Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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I mean, I don't mind but I'm, well, disappointed xDD
A lack of Male!Reader's in this fandom is really ridiculous.
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