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Humming softly in the kitchen, you prepared lunch for you and your son.
Little Naruto was still in school and you had the whole day off, so you decided to make his favourite meal; ramen.
Your son loved your cooking, for him it was even better than Ichiraku’s!
You actually wanted to walk him home but he insisted be a big boy and walk home on his own.
You loved him very much, even though he was clumsy, loud and a troublemaker, well, you were his mother after all.
Since Minato’s death everyone held their distance to you and your son, being the mother of the nine tailed fox had his cons but you couldn’t care less.

He was your baby boy, period.

You had the 3rd Hokage and Iruka as friends, so adored other sensei’s your company.
They were enough, you didn’t need more friends.
But you were worried about your adorable son.
Many people were afraid of him, pushed him away like a piece of trash.
You wanted him to have friends, like everyone else but when other people were so arrogant there was no chance for him.

Sighing, you blew a few strand of your hair out of your face and dried your hands with the kitchen towel.
“Oka-saaaan!”, you heard your son cry and before you could even turn around, you felt how the boy clutched onto your skirt.
“N-Naru-chan”, you stuttered out surprised but smiled gently down at the blond with a slight frown on your face.
Going down on his level, you bent down on your knees and wrapped your arms softly around your son.
“O-Oka-san!”, he sobbed and hid his face in your chest while he grabbed a fistful of your shirt.
You caressed his mop of hair softly and drew circles on his back to calm him down.
“Ma, ma, Naru-chan. Tell Oka-chan what the problem is”, you told him a pushed him softly away so you could look at him properly.
His eyes were red and puffy from crying and snot was running down from his nose and wiped away fallen tears and sobbed uncontrollably.
“T-T-The o-o-other k-kids w-were me-ean a-a-an-”, before he could continue and started to cry again loudly.

You gave your son a sad smile as he threw himself again into your arms and hugged you tightly.
Hugging him back, you gave his blond hair a little kiss before you planted your chin on his head.
A small tear escaped your eyes.
You couldn’t handle seeing your child in such a state, he was your baby after all, he didn’t deserved to be pushed away like that.
“Your Oka-san is so sorry, Naruto…”, you whispered and hold onto him like your dear life.
The little boy continued to sob into your shoulder and grabbed the material of your shirt with his fists.

“Oka-san…”, Naruto said after a while as he had calmed down. “Why are people so mean to me?”
You looked at him with widened eyes, before you smiled at him.
“Naru-chan”, you started and held up your finger. “Humans are very strange things, you know? They don’t like things being out of the regular way.
You know what is inside of you, right?” He gave a short nod and poked his stomach while looking down at it with his blue eyes.
“One day people will see that you are a wonderful boy and you will have many friends, I promise.”

Smiled brightly, he gave you a nod and threw his arms around your neck and yelled: “I love you so much, Oka-san!”
He pressed his lips onto your cheeks before he pressed his onto your yours and smiled grinned like there was no tomorrow.
Chuckling you did the same and hugged him like a loving mother should; tightly and lovingly.
Parting himself from the hug, Naruto grinned at you with his white teeth and flailed around with his arms.
“I don’t need any friends!”, he said loudly and continued to smile you, you started at him in disbelieve, yet smiled at his bright attitude.

“I only need Oka-san!”

With that, he stood up on his tiptoes and kissed your cheek again, causing you to blush and laugh loudly and you kissed his forehead thankfully.

Oh, how much you loved your bundle of happiness!
I wasn't sure if I should make it longer. But anyway, this happened :iconcannotevenplz:

I got this idea while watching the first episode of Naruto, which was on air again ((Even the nosebleed is censored in German =.=""))

Naruto bby, people r just jelly cuz u have so much moar swag than they have.
But u have mumsy reader, she can fu 'em all cuz she's got so much moar swag than evryone. //shotshotshot

Anyway, he's cute, isn't he? :iconteyuplz:

Thanks for reading! I hope you like it~ ♡ :iconheartrollplz:

Story is mine.
:iconsmilenarutoplz: is yours~
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narutoEATsasuke Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
awww!! naruto!! you are just a cutie!!
MagpieTriangulation Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Despite this here just being a random fanfic, doesn't this seem a bit odd? Seeing as Naruto's parents were killed soon after Naruto was born, Minato and Kushina both dying while attempting to protect Naruto, would Naruto have a motherly figure? Unless he were adopted or someone was willing to look after him at that age, he wouldn't have any feminine figure to go to. The best this could do is propose the reader is Kushina's sister or something. 
I'm looking too much into this, aren't I?
narutoEATsasuke Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i think your looking into a weeee bit too much. yes its odd, but its fanfiction. anything goes, but if its not put in the right sense then it will get negative comments. but with this story i think it went well, sure its kind of off, but that doesnt matter
MagpieTriangulation Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Your opinion is your opinion. 
narutoEATsasuke Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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