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Big, curious eyes starred up at the tall blond man as the same tiny human tugged on the heavy fabric of the loose pants.
Where are you going, Vater [1]?, you asked and titled your head slightly, your small hat, which was out of fur, slipped with your head-motion.
Giving you at first a blank stare, his gaze softened as he noticed who just held him back. Going down on your level, he got onto his knees and placed one elbow of his on his knee.
“Listen, Schatz [2]”, he began in a hushing tone because of the fact that it was in the middle of the night. “Vati is going to be away for a while.”
Your eyes widened as you heard this.

Why was you father doing this?!
You didn't want him to leave the all of you alone!

B-But why a-are you l-leaving!?, you hysterically cried out and clutched the fabric of your nightgown into your fists tightly. Your eyes began to get wet, you bottom lip already shivered lightly.
He hushed you and let out a soft grunt as he took you into his strong arms.
You face automatically buried itself into his chest and you smelled the animal like scent of his.

Just like always.

You loved the scent of your father.
It made you feel so safe and sound.

Y-You're- A sob of yours cut of your sentences. -co-coming b-back, r-r-right?
Nodding, he gave you another grunt, even softer than the other one before , and planted a feather-like kiss on your forehead.
It was so gentle that you even thought, that you had imagined it.

Letting go of you, he placed something on your palms, pressed them together so you couldn't see what it was, turned around and walked over to the wooden door, his long and golden hair fell so smooth over his buff shoulders and back like silk.
Germania opened the door and the holy shine of the full moon let you father look even more like an angel to you, someone who always protected you no matter what.
The blond looked a last time over his shoulder, you couldn't see his face correctly, and said as quiet as possible: “...Look after your brothers...”


“WAS ZUR HÖLLE [4]?!”, you screamed and threw your pillow into the direction of the annoying person who just had woken you up.
“Guten Morgen, [Name]~”, Gilbert cooed and sat down on you mattress beside your body, your pillow was easily resting on his lap, always ready to attack you.
“Mh...”, you grunted and turned around, so you wouldn't have to look into his everything but not sunkissed face.
“Hm? What's up with this Mh?”, your older brother asked and poked your side. “Hast du deine Erdbeerwoche? [5]”
Your face started to heat up.
“Hell, no!
...Well not this time...!”, you spoke and turned around to face him again.

“I was dreaming about Vater, Gil”, you confessed and looked down sadly.
“Oh...”, is all he said when he started to chew on his bottom lip in guilt.
“Don't feel guil-”
“I DON'T FEEL GUITLY AT ALL!”, he cried out and blushed lightly before he coughed into his fist.
“JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY, UPTHERE!”, you heard Ludwig yell and the both your face paled abruptly.

Silence overtook the room for a few minutes, afraid of an angry Luddy in the morning you kept your mouth shut.

“C'mere, Schwesterherz. You deserve some awesomeness of your brother”, he whispered and held out his arms, thereupon you just could shake your head lightly with a big grin on your face.

Your big brother was always so silly!

After getting some love from the Prussian, he gave you a big grin and kissed your forehead just like your father it always did.
Well, excepted the grin of course.

Gilbert stood up and walked up to the door.
“Make yourself ready, the meeting begins soon~! But don't use too much make-up!” And with that he disappeared out of you sight after he closed the door.
You felt how a smile tugged on your lips and you pulled you a necklace out of you nightgown, where your breast was.
It was a simply leather necklace.
Plain but with big meaning.

This here was the item, which you got from your father in the night he left and never showed up again.
You knew his time had come when he said, that he wouldn't be at home for a while.
A tear escaped your eyes and slid down your cheek as you pressed the leather closer to your chest, right there where your heart should be.
The heart of yours ached, pain was spreading through your body.
Your shoulders shook and your mouth escaped a few small sobs, as your nose took in this familiar scent.

It still smelled exactly like him.

You loved the scent of your father.
It made you feel so safe and sound.

I love you, dad... I miss you so much....
[1] – Vater → Father

[2] – Schatz → Hun

[3] – Schwesterherz → Sis ((But I would also say sister dear))

[4] – Was zur Hölle?! → What the fuck?! / What the heck?!

[5] – Hast du deine Erdbeerwoche? → Do you have your period? ((Erdbeerwoche → Strawberryweek → Period))

Well, I love sad stuff as you can see ♥
I'm going to work a few parts a little bit more out but I need to go to sleep now °^°"" I dun wanna~

I kinda came up with the idea today! And I didn't see many fanfic's with Germania in it so I gave him some love!
Okay, I'm giving every charakter love :dummy:

Gonna add the rest later :icondummydanceplz:
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