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Eren liked winter but he preferred rainy days more, even more he liked stormy ones, which were in the winter season rather rare in Germany.
The fifteen years old enjoyed his winter vacation at home, trying to get rid of the school stress and spent some time with his friends Mikasa and Armin, but right now he enjoyed it to be alone.
He needed to think about some things, some very important things.

His parents had the idea to invite the family [Last name] over for a, well, pre-Christmas dinner just for fun.
The [Last name]'s and his family were in good terms with each other for I-don't-know how long, so it was normal that they came over once in a while.
The problem was just their daughter.

And yes, you were the young, dear woman, that Eren couldn't get out of his head.

The brown haired male huffed soundly, letting the puffed out warm air seeming like gray dust as it hit the cold one before both of them became one.
With his turquoise eyes he starred at the ground, the snow was crunched after every single step and left a mark of his shoes.

He didn't know why, but you amazed him.

With your soft, [h/c] looks, which seemed to always frame your face in the most gorgeous way, the way, how your [e/c] eyes sparkled, when you talked with passion about stuff that you liked or just spaced out into another world during classes.

You were so.... perfect, so perfect in every single way to him.

Sighing, he buried his face deeper into his fluffy red scarf and closed his eyes for a moment as he stopped walking.
The cold and harsh winter gale seemed to loosen up and turned into a soft breeze, which tickled his skin gently but still strong enough to ruffle up his brown locks.

He couldn't be in love, not him.

He never dated a girl before, he couldn't even imagine himself holding hands with a female human being.
But when his mind slipped back to you, his heart was beating like mad against his ribcage, his palms began to sweat and a nearly dorky smile began to invade his lips with joy, the usual frown on his face seemed to soften everytime when he saw you.

Nope, he wasn't in love. No fucking way. Nope, nope, nope.

Anyway, you, your parents and big brother would come over today, which was the reason why he was trying to clear his mind before meeting you again.

“I should head back”, he mumbled to himself before a tiny smile spread across his facial features. “[Name]'s going to be there soon.”

φ(・ω・` )

“Just hurry up already, [Name]!”, Jean growled under his breath as he stood by your door and waited for you to come out already, his foot was tapping the floor rapidly.

He just couldn't believe that you were taking so long!

“Geez, Jean. You're acting like you're waiting for hours”, you replied behind the door and literally could see the veeeery big frown on your brother's face, which nearly made you giggle.
It was so fun to tease him, really! It always made your entire day!

And you weren't taking long at all! You were for a half hour in there, so it wasn't your fault that he was ready so quickly!

You heard a loud and frustrated groan from the other side of the door, what caused you to roll your eyes with a smile.
“Just a sec.”
“No, not a sec. Just come out already!”
“Just a tiny second.”
“That's it. We're leaving without you.”

You quickly swung the door open and saw the happy smirk that he sneered with pleasure.
“You're stupid”, you said and punched his shoulder playfully with a goofy smile on your face.
“And you're a doofus”, he said and knocked his fist on your head before ruffling your hair while smirking.
“Jean!”, you squealed while letting his hand destroy your just made hair.

Jean Kirschstein was your adoptive brother and was at the same age as you, – just a few months older – still he played the big brother and was very protective over you. Not that you minded it much.
It was nice to have a big brother figure.
He and Eren were in, umm, let's say not so good terms. Which sucked, because you and Eren got along pretty well, while your brother was always so pissy around him.
But you knew deep inside of his heart, he liked him.

Kinda... Somewhere deeeep down there.
At least you hoped so...

“Let's go. Mum and dad are waiting”, the blond ripped you out of your thoughts and you gave him smiling a nod as a respond with a small Uh-huh.

That'll be fun!

Well, at least you hoped so... Hope dies last, right?

φ(・ω・` )

Meanwhile Eren sat on his bed in his room, elbows resting on his spread knees and chin placed on the interlaced back of his fingers, his eyes starred at the wall on the other side of the room.
Frustration was written big on his face as he let out a heavy sigh and fell back on his mattress, his eyes closed automatically as he felt the fluffiness of his bed underneath him.
“I don't love her...”, he said to no one but himself and opened his eyes slowly.

“Yeah, keep that telling yourself.”

Snapping his turquoise eyes wide open he starred at Mikasa's over him hovering face in shock.
The Japanese woman tried to hold back her chuckle and hold her curled up fist in front of her lips as she let it softly out.
Sitting up straight again he blushed slightly and nearly yelled: “I-I don't like her t-that way!”

“You're still a little boy, huh, Eren?”, his ears caught the voice of his mother Carla, as he stood in the doorway and let out a chuckle.
“M-Mother!” Eren face heated up even more.
Great, his mother knew it now, too.

Gosh, that was so embarrassing!

“Mikasa? I need your help in the kitchen, [Name] is going to be here soon”, she winked at her son giggling and left his bedroom again.
“You know... She likes you”, Mikasa said as she stood in the doorway.
Looking at her, Eren furrowed his brow in confusion.
“I know that mother likes me, it would suck if she didn't.”

The black-haired woman starred at him blankly, as if her face was saying Really?.

“I mean [Name].”
“Oh... That makes more sen- Wait, what?!”
He reached out with his hand to stop Mikasa from going downstairs.

Aaand she had left him alone.

“Great...”, he murmured to no one particular and rolled to the side, he felt how his heart was beating against his chest faster than usually, a childish grin tugged on his lips.
“So, she... likes me back?”

“Yes, she does. In fact, she loves you. And now move your ass down into the living room, Jäger. [1]”

What was wrong with the people today?
The third person, who suddenly appeared in his room, goddammit!

Sitting up again, he saw Jean leaning against the door frame, who gave him an annoyed look as he crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for Eren to get up, while the lovestruck teenager just returned the look with pleasure.
Eren got up and followed your brother.

“Geez, why do they always let me do the work...”, Jean murmured under his breath and starred right forward as he walked down the stairs while letting out a pissed off huff.
The brown-haired German crossed his arms and furrowed his brow once again. [2]

How could you just... get along with him? Let alone consider him as your big brother?

In fact, she loves you, Jean's voice echoed through his head over and over again as he reached the end of the stairs and saw you sitting in the living room with Mikasa and enjoyed yourself.
Blush was rising up his cheeks once more.

Goddammit, pull yourself together, Eren!

“Just tell her what you feel”, Jean took him by surprise and Eren starred at him taken back. “It can't be so difficult, goddammit...”, he added and walked back to his already claimed spot beside you.

Yeah... Just tell her what you feel, he said. Not so difficult, he said.

φ(・ω・` )

The past few hours flew away in no time, everyone was enjoying themselves, ate, talked, laughed till it was time to go.
The strange thing was just that you barely had talked to Eren today.
You always talked to him on such evens but it kinds looked like he was avoiding you for god knows why.
Feeling sad about this fact you grabbed your coat and scarf, after you had your boots on, and put them on.
You were about to leave with you family but someone grabbed your left shoulder.
Turning around you saw Eren, who looked directly into your [e/c] eyes with his hypnotic turquoise ones.

“How about I walk you home?”, he asked and offered you a small smile.
Looking back to your parents they gave you the sign to go, even thought it was cold as shit outside.
Actually, Jean didn't like this idea. Nope. Not. At. All.
But for his little sister's luck he kept his mouth shut.
But only for this time!

Jean gave Eren quickly the I'm watching you gesture as he slowly backed away backwards.
While your family drove away with their car, you walked along with Eren down the road, the soft snow crunched under your feet as you two were moving in silence.
Still something couldn't get off your mind.

Why hadn't he been talking to you the whole evening?

Nodding to yourself with a determined huff – letting a thick cloud appear in fornt of your face – you made your decision.
“Say, Eren...”, you asked suddenly timidly and fiddled with your fingers.
“Mh?” He glanced over to you and saw your now kind of nervous form.
“Why weren't you talking to me the whole evening?”
This question caught him off-guard. Starring down he heard you continue:
“Did I do something wrong? If I did, then I'm sor-”
“You didn't do anything wrong, [Name]”, he cut your speech off and the redness – from the coldness – of his cheeks darkened.

“I was thinking.” Slowly taking a nearly /frozen/ hand of yours in his, gently he interlaced your both fingers with each other.
“I really like you, no, I-I mean, I-! Ugh, verdammt...! [3]”, he cursed and blushed even more.
Taking a deep breath of the cool air, he calmed himself down.

Now or never, Eren!, he encouraged himself in mind.

“What I wanted to say was, t-that I love you and what I want to know is, if you return those feelings...”
He looked you straight into your eyes as he took the other hand into his empty one, you had the feeling that he was reading you mind right now, sucking in every single details you gave him.
A soft smile played with your as you closed your eyes, your rosy cheeks heated up even more.
Moving closer to his face, you nudge the tip of his nose with yours as you leaned your forehead against his.

“I love you, too.”

Out of sudden a big and goofy grin appeared on his face, showing his true emotions from the inside as he pressed his lips firmly on yours.
It was short but sweet kiss, filled with pure innocent but passion at the same time. His slightly roughened lips were the perfect match for yours.
It was just plain... amazing.

Moving apart your lips, you smiled widely as you two continued to walk to your house, both hands still connected and interlaced with each other.

Looks like he wasn't a little boy after all, huh?

[1] – Jäger → Jaeger

[2] – Well, I didn't see that coming at all.

[3] – Verdammt → Dammit || Just using some random German words :iconlazyinviteplz: //shot

EDIT:Former title was /Little boy no more/

My entry for :iconattackontitanxreader:'s contest.

I fucking hate the title.
I hate it, when I have no ideas for a good title! OTL

So far as the most of you maybe know me, I write my contest entries always in last minute.
And here I am! xD

Aww~ Eren is all like, first-actual-love-and-confused-about-his-own-feelings teenager~ Oh my glob, stahp beeing so cute! :iconohmyglobplz:
Such innocent and pure love... I'm the master of fluffiness, just admit it :iconheartrollplz:

I can't imagine him being an expert with the ladies, I don't know why, it just happened.
I think, he's good with girl because he only sees them as friends and nothing more.

Who needs love if you can beat some nice titan ass?

Anyway, an AU where Jean is your brother and everyone lives, more or less happily, in Germany~ :dummy:
I love it when the reader has a big brother,
I don't know why but I think he is a super badass match for something like this, if you ask me! xD

I hope they aren't TOO OOC, I tried my best, okay? *hides face cuz of embarrassment*
It actually, is my first Snk Reader-Insert, so leave me alone! :iconbedcryplz:

I never had the feel that I failed so much with something like here

Hope you liked it~ :iconblushuplz:

Picture ((not mine)) found on pixiv =>…

Plot / Story © ~KatelinLikesFeenie

You © :iconerencraiplz:

:iconerencraiplz: © Hajime Isayama

Shingeki no Kyojin © Hajime Isayama

Gonna get some sleep now, I hope my mistakes are forgiven~ 6 in the morning here in Germany and my eyes hurt :iconimsotiredcryplz:

*worked the whole night on it*
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