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March 5, 2013
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2P!Prussia x Reader

With crossed arms your friend sat on his bed and doesn't really look amused. His bloodred eyes were directed on the floor as you sat concerned by his side and laid one arm around him.

Why he was more down then usual?
Well, his so beloved hair has seen brighter days.

"I mean, he just cut my hair vhile I vas sleeping!", he said and laid shyly his arms around you, his face was covered with a very light pink as he nuzzled his face into your neck.
Your hand went instinctive trough his now short hair and you could literally fell the heat from his red-glowing face.

His actually hip long hair was replaced with a short hairstyle, which he disliked very very much. The big brother of Luciano, Flavio has made him, in his opinion, a »fabulous« hairstyle over night when he visited his little brother. How exactly he got into the bedroom from the Prussian is going to be a mystery because his room was always closed.

"I'm probably looking uglier zhan before...", he mumbled against your skin and nuzzled more against your neck. Actually he never let someone close to his body, his bedroom was a even bigger no-no, but with you, he felt so warm and comfortable. He would love to have you alway around him but he didn't want to be harsh or something like that.

Just now he enjoyed your presence just like you his.
Wrapping your arms tight around him onces again you started to play with one strand from his neatly cut hair and pressed him firmly, but still softly, against your warm body.

"Um, if it helps you... I think you look sexy...", you mumbled and now it was your turn to blush. He lifted surprised his fire-red face and you buried your face in his naked chest, which you just now noticed.
Very difficult when it's dark in your room.

"R-Really?!" he asked stuttering and you nodded against his with scars covered pale skin. He released himself a little from you and his finger started to draw a little line from your neck to your chin, his finger stopped there and he lifted your chin so he could easily look into your eyes.

In front of you sat a very nervous Prussian, who just swallowed down his own salvia and looked down to the floor. "A-Also hast du auch n-nichts gegen das?"

With these words a pressed his lips feather-like against yours for a second,  stopped and looked into your (e/c) eyes.
When he doesn't saw anything but love he involve you again into a kiss.

Your hands were running trough his tousled hair and his were trailing to your waist shyly. His lips were rough but soft at the same time and locked with yours like magic.

As the two of you broke your kiss you gazed into each others eyes and the man in front of you smiled at you.
On small and inconsiderable smile, which let your heart jump higher then before.

Sighing happily you cuddled with him and you said: "You now, when you want I can cut your hair and then it can grow back like it was before!"
"Zhat vould be vonderful, (Name)..."

Extended Ending

"Done~" Happily you laid the scissor to the side and fished out a mirror, so he could see the back of his head.
"It looks vonderful! Vielen Dank, (Name)" With these words he took you into his arms, kissed you short and shyly and buried his face in your (h/c) hair.

"You're welcome", you kissed his collarbone and laid your head on his stil naked chest.
"I'm looking like my loud and idiotic other self now...", he mumbled into your hair and inhaled their scent.

Never in his life he would exchange this moment with something.
"Nuu, don't say things like that! I don't care which haircut you have, you are and always will be sexy!"

You kissed the tip of his nose, tousled his hair and disappeared in the kitchen, leaving your now red like a firetruck boyfriend in the bathroom behind you.
I did it! I did it! :iconus-xdplz:
Again I translated some serious shit of mine into English! xD
But... This... Is... SO MOTHERFUCKING FLUFFY! :iconfrenchsquealplz:

I'm pretty proud of myself 'cuz I never have written 2P!Prussia before and there aren't many fanfictions from him too~

I hope, I kept him in character! But i think this is my version of 2p!Prussia :iconprussiarapefaceplz:
I got inspired by some pictuers on Tumblr!

I hope ya'll like it!

>A-Also hast du auch n-nichts gegen das?< = S-So you don't have a-anything against this?

Story belongs to me~
2P!Prussia belongs not to me... I suppose :iconheplz:

:iconsexyprussia2plz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

The german one [link] :iconheplz:
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